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Rethink Electric

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Your Skoot helps you work smarter, cleaner and earn more.


Rethink cost.

Go electric for the same price as a dirty

old petrol bike or tuk tuk, and save up

to 50% on your fuel costs.

Rethink easy.

A range of finance, battery and charging options. 

Rethink clean.

Zero tailpipe emissions.

Rethink smart.

Driver app and power outlets for charging, lighting, refrigeration and more.

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We are innovating light electric working vehicles that are purposefully designed to affordably move more, go longer, work smarter.

We design and build from the ground up, and our vehicles are built to match whatever challenging conditions you can throw at them.


"Light electric vehicles need to be more accessible for millions of working drivers and riders."

The complete ‘go anywhere’ utility bike. Built to last,

with great performance and clean looks. Customize

with a range of carrying and charging options.

Available for test rides and pre-orders now.

Register via the link below to test drive.


Price: US$1,500*

Top speed: 70 km/h

Range: 100 km

*price subject to local taxes and levies



Watch this space for our compact, traffic-busting, delivery wagon. It’s price-matched with a new electric tuk tuk but with loads more carrying capacity and stability.

Prototype launch in 2024

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Traditional scooter designs have now been around for 100 years. We’re ripping up the rule book with a rugged light moped for 21st century inner-city work and play.



Concept launch in 2024

Flexible Charging
At home or work

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Full charge


AC home charger


Battery as standard

x1 3KwH

Battery as standard

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We know that millions of people rely on their bike or tuk tuk to make a living. They’ve put up with poor quality, unsuitable, polluting vehicles for too long. Their design is limited to the internal combustion engine.

Our designers started with a blank slate. They worked with riders and drivers from around the world to develop affordable working EVs. They are designed for a more unlimited electric life.

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Register to receive emails about test drives, orders and more.

Register to receive emails about test drives, orders and more.

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